Be Seen * Be Heard * Be Understood

Today, so many people are more
familiar with fear than with love...

How can you welcome
more love into your life?

Your Empowerment Coach Clarice M Connolly

My calling lies in utilizing my own innate ability to see women and recognize their light even when it feels like it is being smothered by darkness. I will support you as you work to uncover the shadows of your life.

I will hold your heart just as tightly as I would hold your hand, and help you look into the windows of your soul.

Through an Ontological approach to coaching, I guide you through the practices of continually choosing love in the face of fear. You will learn how to overcome those all-consuming thought patterns and dim the voices that scream, “I can't.” Together we will work to break the chains that keep you small and that prevent you from recognizing your True Self and loving her fully. With your heart ablaze and your passion ignited, you will rise from the ashes to stand fearlessly in your power.

Together, let's put you back at the top of your priority list.

Remember: You Are Enough!

We can cocreate a new relationship to:

Life Purpose
Stress Management
Personal Development & Transformation
Create Balance In All Areas of Life
Healthy Masculine and Healthy Feminine Energy
Goal Setting and Planning
Support and Accountability
Implementing Structures
Health and Wellness

Getting started is easy.

I offer one hour complimentary coaching sessions where we get to stop and talk about YOU!

During this time you really get a sample of what coaching feels like and whether or not it’s for you. There is no pressure it is simply my gift to you. Contact me via phone or email and let’s set up a call today!

Coaching Services

One-on-one Coaching

Group Coaching

Empowerment Workshops

"Sometimes you have to be willing to let go of something old to grab onto something new. You have to be willing to let a part of you die that you used to be comfortable with in order for another part of you to be born."

-Lisa Nichols


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