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Who is Clarice Connolly as a Professional?

Clarice Connolly is a Woman's Empowerment coach who specializes in supporting women who are frustrated with how life is going, who are exhausted from always beating themselves up, and who want to find their purpose so they can regain their power so as to confidently pursue their dreams. She is also a graduate and affiliate of Accomplishment Coaching.

Who is Clarice as Someone You Can Relate To?

Six years ago, I left my home in Pittsburgh without anything more than a deep sense that there had to be more to life than the traditional roles and conservative norms I had grown up around. I didn't have a plan, but California was calling my name. I had this feeling that I knew I could figure everything out once I got there.

Welp, it worked! Today, I'm a resident of sunny San Diego, a Professional Life Coach, a healthy and ever changing relationship to not only my family but my past, and loving life to the fullest!

But what led me to leave behind everything I knew in hopes of change? I just couldn’t take it any more. I was a girl who never truly felt understood or had no sense of belonging, heavily relying on my journal as a way to handle what life threw at me.

Growing up, I felt responsible for everything and everyone who came into my life. I don't know why I felt that way, but I did. That's what loyalty is after all. Right?

As I got older that childhood pressure developed into something more. I wanted to fix everything: doing anything I could to save my family dynamic, seeing the brilliance in others and trying everything to get them to see it too, and helping everyone around me except for the little girl inside me screaming. And all while looking for Mr. Right to come save me from myself. Who has time to do anything else?

Twenty-six years of that "normal" crashed down on me. Single, alone, frustrated, exhausted, and recently blindsided by a diagnosis that would forever change my life. I found myself uncertain of what I even wanted anymore. I felt so broken, yearning for something more out of life.

Instead of fixing myself, I'd lost myself in yet another relationship, I wasn’t even sure who I was when I became single let alone how to change it.  I spent days beating myself up for failing my friends, my family and for how my life was turning out.

All I wanted to do was follow my heart, but I was scared. What it was telling me to do wasn’t what everyone else was doing.

Once I hit rock bottom, I started looking for a way back. That came through people. I found tribes and families who understood me. Some with similar stories. Some with different ones. But with them by my side, I finally began to feel at home within myself. Sharing with others the things I continued to feel, the experiences I endured, and most importantly the visions I have for my future, gave me more hope than I had ever experienced.  Through endless amounts of personal development and spiritual enlightenment books, seeking inapplicable advice to aid in all of the pain. I had found multiple forms of support, let go of expectations I was having of others, and gained even more courage and internal assurance to live my life how I wanted. The greatest part was having found safety in feeling I am not alone in wanting to do so.

Did I mention Life Coaching?

That was just the start of the journey. I'd went to college, I'd gotten a degree in business to make my parents happy. Once I graduated, I quickly realized that route wasn't for me. I wanted something that didn’t feel like work and made my heart sing.

After a few months of soul searching, I met my Life Coach; he introduced me to Accomplishment Coaching, where I spent more than 300 hours in personal training classes. LIFE CHANGING! I'd found a way to both support others and to reflect to them their greatness. I'd found my passion, my calling, a way to embrace and use my enormous heart to pour into others as much as I’d hoped to be understood, seen, and held.There is nothing I love more in life than following my intuition, being curious, and asking that thing that shifts a train of thought for a lifetime.

After all, we all are trying to survive this thing called life. Who says you have to do it alone? Let’s do it together!

In my free time you can find me learning more about and embodying feminine wisdom, reading personal development books, taking pictures of everything, doing yoga, hiking, snowboarding, traveling, painting, singing terribly, listening to something upbeat or emotional, and thinking about my French Bulldog or how else I can expand my capacity to be with the hard things in life. When I am not in my Essence, you can find me trying to get it right, controlling or managing outcomes, and caretaking for others. Yup, I am still human!  

So let’s normalize this experience you’re having called Life. Today is the day to break up with doing life alone. Letting your friends and family be just that. Face your fears with love and spread your wings to the possibilities of rising up from the fires and reaching your highest most authentic and empowered self.

Contact me today to set up a Free one hour consultation so you can see if Life Coaching is right for you. It is time someone poured into you as much as you pour into those near and dear to you! Your soul is calling, your heart is ready, let’s co-create your dreams and turn them into a reality. I did, and so can you!

Positive and Reassuring

I met Clarice roughly 6 months ago, right away she was easy to be with, a great listener and so effortless to talk and connect with. She is highly motivated and driven to play a bigger game with her life and willing to take on the uncomfortable challenges to create the transformation she is committed to. Clarice is one of the most real, authentic, fun and down to earth coaches I've ever met.

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