My Parent Wound: My Expectations vs Reality

This blog will certainly have its different flavor... I am writing without having had completion around the current trigger I have been struggling with for at LEAST 12 years now. I am writing because I need to get my sad story I continue to identify with, off of my chest and out of my life.

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Becoming a Mentor

I’m so mind blown that I haven’t made a blog yet about this. No wait, no I am not. Being the perfectionist that I am, I can completely see why there was no sense of urgency. But since I strive on transparency and I truly enjoy documenting the process. I think today seems like a great day to start. Why did I decide to become a big sister?

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My Herstory

A story of a young girl desperate for her father’s attention. A girl who’s mission in life was to fill the void in her heart, by the love of another. Along her travels, she found herself insatiable. Apparent to pain and unsure how to soothe it.

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Following my Intuition to San Diego

Intuition? What is that I thought. Almost like these deep knowing, that I know everything will actually work out. Great things are coming... I feel it.

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Self-Love Actualized

This weekend I went out with a couple of coworkers, dancing. I wore this accentuating little number from an earlier pool party to go out. As much as I knew it would get me attention, something was different.

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