Following my Intuition to San Diego

Intuition? What is that I thought. Almost like these deep knowing, that I know everything will actually work out. Great things are coming... I feel it.

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How Do You Know You Are Ready To Be Seen?

How Do You Know You Are Ready To Be Seen?

For as long as I can remember, I was never the type of gal who sought out the spotlight. I didn't need to wear the loudest clothes at the party, be the talk of the town, or really do much but blend in with everyone else. I do remember being loud though, loud enough to change the energy of the room because I was likely too uncomfortable with whatever was happening. 

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My Parent Wound: My Expectations vs Reality

This blog will certainly have its different flavor... I am writing without having had completion around the current trigger I have been struggling with for at LEAST 12 years now. I am writing because I need to get my sad story I continue to identify with, off of my chest and out of my life.

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Becoming a Mentor

I’m so mind blown that I haven’t made a blog yet about this. No wait, no I am not. Being the perfectionist that I am, I can completely see why there was no sense of urgency. But since I strive on transparency and I truly enjoy documenting the process. I think today seems like a great day to start. Why did I decide to become a big sister?

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