“This Is Not What I Ordered” 

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Today's Guest is Lauren Selfridge

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About my guest Lauren Selfridge! Lauren lives with Multiple Sclerosis and started her podcast " This Is Not What I Ordered" to help create connection for folks who can sometimes feel like we're on this path alone. She believes there are SO many of us--probably way more than we even realize--and we all have important wisdom to share.

Lauren likes to think that having difficult experiences with our bodies is actually an invitation into a deeper, richer, more conscious relationship with ourselves. And she is thankful everyday for the healing and relief that a good joke can bring! Having a sense of humor about the ups and downs we face can make the whole thing a lot more enjoyable. Lauren explains how her life after diagnosis has actually been even more fulfilling and joyful than before. It hasn't been an easy path, but it's been a good one she says.

 On this episode we explore more about her story and more about circumstances in your life not being what you ordered! 



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