Following my Intuition to San Diego

Intuition? What is that I thought. Almost like these deep knowing, that I know everything will actually work out. Great things are coming... I feel it.

I have always written things down, ever since I was given my first Diary as a child. I felt that no one really ever stood the way I thought or how I viewed things. My diary always served me as a way to get things off of my chest and out in the open. I’ve never been one to read back through it, or share anything out of it, but I did feel that one day Iwould maybe sit down and laugh my way through them. As I have begun on the path to finding my purpose, it dawned on me that maybe I should be sharing my thoughts and my progress. What if I could inspire someone to also venture down this path? Maybe, if I started a blog, that other people won’t feel as if they too are misunderstood. Would we then all attract like minded people by putting ourselves out there in the universe? Is that how blogs work?

So, here I am writing my first blog. I don’t exactly know where to start but I think ultimately the journey of finding my purpose has been one of the most amazing journeys I could have ever hoped for! This has been just sooo much more than solely finding my purpose, but expanding my awareness and opening doors I had no idea were even there. How beautiful life is!

My journey starts a few months before graduating college. I knew that I wanted to start my post college life in California. I knew that no one would understand and would surely share their opinion on my unique decision. I can’t explain the calling, or where the yearning to move originated from.. I had visited Northern California several years prior, and it was love at first sight. I knew that deep down in my heart, this was where I wanted to be. One month before I graduated, I made the announcement and arranged to uproot my life and relocate. My beautiful boyfriend of four years was not on the same boat. He felt that this was yet another one of my adrenaline junkie decisions and that I would surely come running back before heever had to pack up an item of interest. I invited him to come, but deep down I knew that he was a homebody and that his family meant most to him. As much as we had both discussed how different we were from your stereo typical Pittsburgher, he had roots here and a reason to stay. The last thing I wanted him to do was to follow my dreams and resent me if and when it fell through for him.

Sacramento was the first city I landed in, since the only thing to quiet my family up was staying with family. I tried my hardest to live the American dream. Land a big job, another man of my dreams, settled down in a cookie cutter community and have several children. Something just didn’t feel right. You know, you go through the education system with guidance counselors, and advisors all to point you in theright direction. But when you graduate, and need them the most in life, who do you turn to for guidance? This is something I really struggled with. Surely, when you’re following the norm and abiding by the consensus of the masses, anyone can fill that role of advisor. My beautiful relatives I had moved in with were excellent at doing just that. There was just that insatiable pang, for something more. Right now this is fine, but there has got to be more. Is that all that I wanted from life? Was I livingtheir dream, or was I living mine?

Traveling had always been an enormous dream of mine. I have always been fascinated with seeing all that there was to see and utilizing every free moment I had to do so. It wasn’t until I and my significant other had 4 days off together that I came up with the idea to travel to San Diego and see what all the hype was about in this city they called paradise.

We bought a loaf of bread, peanut butter, jelly, cereal, and milk and headed off to find the cheapest hotel to rest our heads in at night. Words can’t describe the feelings I had upon arrival. Almost like that Dzah hadz moment, my mind, body and soul aligned, and in that moment, I knew this is where I needed to live. San Diego was everything I had every subconsciously hoped for and desired in a city I had hoped to create my life in. How amazing to have stumbled across it on a whim and found myideal location to evolve in.

For the next month, I frantically searched for a job, a roommate and a place to stay. I made sure to give myself a hard deadline and a strict date to make the move as to prevent any sort of delay. This motivated me even more to get all my ducks in a row and successfully transition into the unknown city of San Diego to begin the rest of my life.

My deadline quickly approached and all possible leads fell through. I lied to my family, packed up my belongings and headed to San Diego with absolutely nothing lined up. I figured that since there was nothing to rush to, I’d take a small detour through Yellowstone National Forest. Boy, how they make it look so small on the map. This had been far grander than I had ever imagined.

The second I arrived in San Diego, I put on blast that I had arrived and was living out of my car until I had found an apartment and a roommate. It was less than 10 minutes later that a girl named K that I had worked with in Sacramento answered my status update. She had moved down here for a boyfriend that it just didn’t work out with. What were the chances?

The first apartment we found that day was being rented out by this kind hearted old man that may have been doing this for decades. He rented it to us out of thekindness of his heart, not even checking our credit or requiring more time to clean it out. This place was perfect, he only needed two days to clean it up. In the meantime, I had remembered an ex of my cousin who was from San Diego. I reached out to her and asked if I could stay on her couch until then. The next day, I found an open interview for a local 4.5 star restaurant in the same neighborhood I’d be living in. Within 3 days, I had two jobs, a roommate, and an apartment. The stars aligned, the universe opened up and absolutely everything fell into place to show me that this is indeed where I was supposed to be.

San Diego, was the best decision that I had ever made in my life. To follow a whim and listen to my heart and the underlying burning desire to obtain everything that I wanted from this life.



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