My Herstory

A story of a young girl desperate for her father’s attention. A girl who’s mission in life was to fill the void in her heart, by the love of another. Along her travels, she found herself insatiable. Apparent to pain and unsure how to soothe it.

Her heart bled from the pain of others near and dear to her. She found purpose and comfort in rescuing those who came into her life. How wonderful a distraction, but what she did not know was that this too would ultimately lead to more pain. Her inability to save others from their demons then became evidence to fuel her ever burning fire as to how she is not enough.

Riddled with how to make her world right, she used her charm, beauty and perceived elevation over others to manipulate them for her entertainment.

Everything happened for a reason she continually reminded herself. Every person who came into her life came in to teach her something, to show her, to grow her, for what? She often thought. Every time someone exited or became tough to associate with, she would continually find what there was to gain. Most of the time it felt like a scene in a movie where she was continually throwing qualities of individuals that she liked into a cauldron, where from its magical goodness sprinkled with intention, she would manifest the one her heart so desired.

Upon finding the man of her dreams; she found solace in his arms, a new deeper connection, true love, and all seemed right in the world. After a few years that deep inner yearning returned. Day in and day out she would find ways to distract herself from the growing internally conflicted about what to do with this love and this feel like this was not how it was meant to be. This unshakable feeling that there must be more to this life would not subside. One day, she quickly realized how she had lost herself. Did she ever really actually know herself? She had spent so many years preoccupying herself with this determination to find the one, and suddenly she had questioned if that was really her life’s purpose. After a few more years of attempting to stifle this feeling, she got curious and began to listen.

What felt all at once, she was faced with a decision to leave everything she knew and loved and take an enormous risk into the unknown. What emerged was a Phoenix, confident, courageous, and intuitive decision she dared to follow her heart who’d been listening to a calling. This foreign voice beckoned her to a promise land, where she would begin her journey of finding herself. Connecting not only to her heart, but her heart to her soul, her soul to the universe. Only then would she discover that her worth could only be found from within. That she was put on this earth to spread love to those who too have lived a selfless life of pain and misfortune.


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