My Services

I will meet you where you are.

There is no such thing as one size fits all. You might be at a point where you want personal, one-on-one attention, or maybe you are more comfortable in a group where you can gain strength from others.

I try and make myself available to your needs, no matter where they are.

One-on-One Coaching

Specialized individual coaching to support you on your journey. We all start this journey at a different place in life. Together, let's move you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Group Coaching

You don't have to do life alone like this. Group coaching connects you to a tribe of women who will walk the journey with you.

Empowerment Workshops

  • Essentials for the Journey
  • Create - Discover - Unlearn
  • A Feminine Way to Gather - One Stop Shop to Filling Up Your Cup

Amazing Impact On My Life

My experience working with Clarice has changed my life. About 6 months ago, I had my first consultation and I was really struggling with my past relationships, putting myself first, organizing my life and being confident in making my own decisions. Clarice has helped me realize different coping skills for when difficult things arise in my life. Also, she helped me get back to the old person I was before all the hurt came into my life. After working with her for only six months, I feel like a different person who has more confidence and makes myself a priority. I love myself again and believe in my ability to make my own decisions. I am able to reflect on where I am coming from and where I need to move forward. This experience has had an amazing impact on my life. Clarice is an amazing coach and person.


Why choose to work with a Life Coach?

Life is crazy. People are busy, and most days everyone has just enough time to do the bare minimums for themselves.

Personal Growth, Soul Searching and Fulfillment rank high on must haves in life. Coaching is a partnership, it enables you to have someone there to support you in filling your cup, unbiased feedback, a listening ear, and a warm embrace as you continue on your journey in life.

(Having a safe place to be heard is Dr. John Gray’s quote from show)

Each week, you are able to spend an hour to discover where you are in life, where you want to be, and what you need to get you there.

How does a Life Coach Differ from a Therapist?

While there are several parallels and things alike. Having a Therapist and a Life Coach are both incredibly beneficial to have at once as they work hand-in- hand. Although this is not required, there are many people who enjoy working with both simultaneously or have switched from a traditional Therapist to a Life Coach with its increase in popularity and proven results.

As a Coach a session is slightly more forward facing, action focused, goal, and reflection oriented. We spend very little time in the past and more time creating what it is that you truly want in life.

I hold it that you are perfect as you are and there is absolutely nothing about you to fix. I am not here to prescribe, manage, or change anything. Simply to mirror to you your absolute brilliance you may have forgotten along the way!

To be: Seen - Held - Understood
Your journey is my journey.

Let's start with a one hour consultation to talk about your needs. It's on me.


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